Root Canals

We know no one wants a root canal, but they are often necessary to save or strengthen a diseased tooth. Gary Burkhart makes sure that the procedure is as simple and painless as possible, and he was selected because of his excellent skills and calm, gentle manner.

While not anticipated like a birthday or a night out, a root canal is less painful than an extraction, and recent advances in treatment and anesthetics have significantly lowered patient discomfort. In fact, anxiety is often the biggest challenge, but our concern for our patients makes that a needless concern since our focus on you and your needs is obvious as soon as you step through our door.

Recovery from a root canal performed by our skilled dentist is quick, too. Since discomfort can be increased by extended irritation during the procedure, having someone who is very experienced and proficient in performing this delicate procedure reduces the time it may take to complete it, which lessens the impact on your teeth and gums. Our endodontist can make sure your root canal is done quickly with as little pain as possible, and you’ll soon be on your way with happier, healthier teeth.

After your procedure, your tooth’s roots will be clean, strong, and healthy, just like the rest of your mouth, with no sign of disease. This can give you one more reason to smile, and that’s all we want from those who visit! After the root canal procedure your tooth will require a crown and post to provide strength and prevent a fracture from occuring.