Porcelain Fillings

When any dentist repairs a cavity, something needs to be used to fill the newly cleaned hole. It used to be that metals such as gold, or alloys consisting of many metals were all that was available, but if the cavity is in the smile area that gets exposed all the time, a porcelain filling is much less noticeable and a better option.

Dr. Gary Burkhart is trained and experienced with filling a cavity with a porcelain filling. These modern fillings are nearly as strong as normal tooth enamel, stand up well to years of use, and are virtually invisible. Since they are indistinguishable from the rest of the enamel on the tooth’s surface, you can smile without hesitation.

Metal fillings, and metal alloy fillings, may also present some health concerns for some individuals who are allergic or susceptible to the metals used. Mercury is frequently present in some alloys, and this is a particular concern for children, pregnant women, or women who may become pregnant. A porcelain filling, however, poses no health risks, and is suitable for all patients. Our office does NOT use silver (mercury) fillings based on the potential health risks of mercury.

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