Dr. Burkhart is always very honest about what I need to do with my teeth. He has even given me local anesthesia or whatever I have needed to make me feel very comfortable. He also tells me what he is going to do next so that I am aware of all the tools and movements in my mouth.

Anna Maria

It is super easy to schedule an appointment. When ever I have needed one I have been able to fit in at a time that is convenient for me. The office has a system that sends a text a week before as a reminder of your appointment which really helps me plan.

Chelsea Jones

The staff treats me warmly like I am a friend. I have been a patient for 15 years and I don’t feel like I am in a dentist office at all. I don’t mind going for my appointments and my cleanings at all.

Bruce Cavetino

When I moved into the area I was given a list of doctors and dentists in the area. I asked all of my new co-workers as well who the best choice was and they all said Dr. Burkhart. I am so glad that they did! He is fantastic!

Colleen Mack

I have been a patient of Dr. Burkhart since he began. He is an enjoyable guy to be around and a good dentist. The staff is always friendly.

Zac G.

Dr. Burkhart treats me like a friend, we are I guess after 20 years. I am always comfortable at my appointments. The staff is also very nice.

Tom Clause

They consult me and make sure that I know what is happening when I go in for my appointments. I am always comfortable and if they weren’t messing with my mouth I could probably fall asleep.

Eric Fretus

I like that Dr. Burkhart has a good personality and he is able to keep me comfortable during my appointments.

Rosa Sandoval